Successful Installation of Outdoor Park In Ecuador

Latest News! The outdoor amusement park project for our Ecuadorian client has been successfully installed and is now operational. The client’s amusement park has been open for some time now and has been extremely popular among local visitors, attracting numerous daily footfalls. Throughout this collaboration, our Ecuadorian client has expressed great satisfaction with Beston Rides’ amusement equipment and installation services. If you would like to learn more about Beston’s amusement park rides and services, as well as the project in Ecuador, please continue reading.

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    Whole Project Process With Ecuador Customer

    Upon receiving an inquiry from the client via our website, our project manager responsible for the Ecuadorian market proactively engaged with the client to gather more information about the project. Our project team, including the project manager, design team, technical team, etc., provided a profitable project solution based on the client’s requirements, budget, and on-site conditions. Here is the timeline for the entire project:

    November 2021 We received an inquiry from our client in Ecuador and gained an understanding of their specific requirements.
    December 2021 After understanding the client’s needs in Ecuador, we provided a project solution based on their on-site conditions and budget.
    January 2022 We signed a contract with the Ecuadorian client. Upon receiving the deposit, we arranged for production to begin in our factory.
    February and March 2022 All amusement equipment was manufactured and debugged in the factory.
    May 2022 Once production and debugging were successfully completed, we began the packaging and shipping process.
    June 2022 After the goods arrived at a nearby port to the client, we promptly notified the client for inspection and pickup. We then provided online installation guidance for the client.
    August 2022 Following the completion of the installation and debugging of the amusement equipment, the project for our Ecuadorian client commenced regular operations.

    Outdoor Park Design for Ecuador

    After understanding the customer’s requirements and specific situation, we provide an overall project design scheme for the customer. Here is the customer’s project design drawing. If the customer has any other requirements, such as park planning, hand-drawn design, aerial view design, visualization design, 3D park design, or video effects design, Beston Rides can also provide design solutions based on specific needs.

    Outdoor park design for Ecuador
    Park design for Ecuador amusement park

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      Production of Amusement Rides In Our Factory

      During the production process, we rigorously monitor the quality of our amusement equipment, regularly update customers on the production progress, and conduct thorough inspections of the equipment once production is completed. We also arrange for customers to inspect the amusement facilities to ensure they receive the products they desire.

      Amusement rides production for Ecuador amusement park
      Production of amusement rides for Ecuador park
      Inflatable rides for Ecuador park project

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        Installation Details of Ecuador Park Project

        As per the agreement with the customer, they have the option to choose their own installation team for equipment installation. However, Beston Rides’ installation engineers provide timely video installation guidance to the customer throughout the entire installation process, ensuring its smooth progress. If needed, we also offer on-site installation services to our customers.

        Carousel ride installation details in Ecuador park
        Pirate ship rides installation in Ecuador
        Inflatable slide installation details in Ecuador

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          Installation Details of Ecuador Park Project

          After operating the entire project for a period of time, we received promotional videos and images from the customer. From the pictures, it is evident that the customer’s project has attracted a significant number of visitors.
          Customer Feedback from Ecuador Park

          Whole Park Project Solution from Beston Rides

          As a professional amusement equipment manufacturer, Beston Rides has a professional design, sales, and installation team that can provide customers with one-stop indoor and outdoor project solutions. If you want to invest in indoor and outdoor amusement projects, please contact Beston Rides !

          Professional park and product design team
          Professional Service Team

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