Successful Operation of Outdoor Playground Project in Nigeria

The outdoor playground project in Nigeria has been in operation for six months now. Located in the southwestern part of Nigeria, the site spans approximately 4,500 square meters. The project primarily caters to children and families, offering a variety of entertainment options for the local community. Since its opening, the outdoor playground has brought much joy to the local people, providing them with additional choices for daily recreation. From the grand opening until now, the project has not only brought immense happiness to the local community but has also generated substantial profits for our client. The customer is highly satisfied with the quality of our equipment and the project design services we provided. When there is a need for new equipment, they choose to collaborate with us again. Now, let’s have a look at the entire project process:

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    Project Determination and Design

    From June to July 2022, we received a renewed inquiry from the customer. (The initial inquiry was received in July 2021, and after discussing the requirements, we continued to follow up as the customer’s project funding was not in place. It wasn’t until June 2022 that the project started to kick off. )The company’s technical team was then tasked with designing the solution. In July, after the customer finalized the equipment plan and layout, we promptly received the customer’s advance payment. Subsequently, we began coordinating the production of the amusement equipment at the factory. Below is a partial translation of the customer’s approved equipment plan:

    Project design for Nigeria customer

    Project solution for Nigeria outdoor park

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      Complete Production Arrangement and Shipment

      From approximately July to August 2022, after about one month of production, various amusement park equipment, including carousel, pirate ship, teacup ride, children’s slide, and inflatable slide, were manufactured and entered the shipping preparation phase in accordance with the contractual agreements.

      Chassis for carousel rides for Nigeria park
      Chassis for Carousel Rides
      Production for carousel ride for Nigeria park
      Production for Carousel Ride
      Shipping details of amusement rides to Nigeria
      Shipping Details of Amusement Rides

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        Online Guidance Process for Installation

        Unloading of the goods in Nigeria
        Unloading of the goods upon arrival at the customer’s site.

        Levelling work for Nigeria park
        Prior to foundation construction, conduct ground measurement and levelling work.

        Foundation construction for carousel ride
        Carry out foundation construction according to the foundation blueprint.

        Installation precautions for kiddie rides
        During the installation of the carousel, remind the customer of installation precautions.

        Installation of the pirate ship ride
        In the installation of the pirate ship, weld and secure the bottom of the pillars to the embedded parts.

        Installation of the tea cup ride in Nigeria
        During the installation of the teacup ride, work on the installation of the base.

        Successful Installation and Subsequent Collaboration

        Finally, in early April 2023, with the guidance of engineers, all equipment completed installation, underwent multiple trial runs, and reached operational status. The outdoor park was then grandly opened for business! The outdoor amusement park project has recently commenced operations, and customers are already preparing for the second phase of investment. They have confirmed new equipment requirements, and we promptly received the customer’s prepayment. The main equipment includes the Roller Coaster and Samba Balloons. We look forward to receiving feedback from the customer regarding the installation and operation of the Roller Coaster and Samba Balloons. We will promptly update this page with the relevant information.

        Successful Installation of Carousel Ride
        Carousel Ride
        Pirate ship ride installation
        Pirate Ship Ride
        Kiddie tea cup ride installation
        Tea Cup Ride
        Outdoor playground equipment installation in Nigeria
        Outdoor Playground Equipment
        Tea cup ride running in Nigeria park
        Tea cup ride
        Inflatable slide in the amusement park in Nigeria
        Inflatable slide

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