Surf’s Up Rides for Sale

As a kind of new amusement park rides, surf’s up rides was designed according to the principle of skateboard. Surf up rides belongs to the thrill rides and necessary amusement park rides. Cover area of surf up rides in our factory is 10*23m, this is just the available one, and you can also customize the size and appearance if you need. It wavy track has cut the track into two. The cabin will rotate on the track which give these passengers a feeling that they are surfing on the sea.

Amusement park surf up rides for sale
BNSU-20A Surf Up Amusement Rides


Model: BNSU-20A
Area: 10*23m²
Power:  16KW
Voltage: 380V
Capacity: 20 persons

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    There was no seat on the equipment, because when you are surfing, if you sit on the board, you will lose your interest. Each set of surf up rides contains 20 passengers which is divided into two rows. Passengers will stand on the skateboard, there is backrest in the back of the equipment and railing before passengers. During the operation, people should catch the railing tightly. With its attractive appearance, surf up rides become more and more popular in this industry.

    20 seat surf up rides for sale
    BNSU-20B Surf Up Rides for Sale


    Model: BNSU-20B
    Area: 10*23m²
    Power:  16KW
    Voltage: 380V
    Capacity: 20 persons

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      Amusement park surf up rides for sale testing in out factory
      Testing of Our Surf Up Rides

      Applications of Surf’s Up Rides

      Once invented by the amusement park surf’s up rides manufacturer, surf up rides has been highly welcomed by people who want to start amusement rides business. Surf up rides is popular in the amusement parks, theme parks, large water theme carnivals, kiddie parks, funfairs and large water parks. It is a must in these places.

      Advantages of Beston Surf Up Rides

      • High safety with its railing and backrest for passengers.
      • Factory price will be provide but with high quality.
      • Free installation videos will be provide or we can send our engineers to your countries to install the rides.
      • Most of amusement park rides make seats for passengers, but passengers riding on the surf up rides should standing on the skateboard which adds more interesting for the rides.

      Parameters of Beston Surf Up Rides

      Name Amusement Park Surf Up Rides
      Capacity 20 passengers
      Power 16kw
      Track Length 1.1m
      Quantity of Track 2
      Height of Surf Up 3.4m
      Running Height 1.8m
      Length of Skateboard 7m
      Width of Skateboard 2m
      Covering Area 10*23m² or customize

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