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Swing Tower Rides for Sale

Swing tower rides for sale, also called tower swing, vertical swing and flying tower rides in Beston Rides. It is a ride which is similar with the swing rides. The vertical swing tower ride is one of the largest tower rides which also called dancing in the sky, means it always presents passengers a different view in the sky. Swing tower ride is a kind of large and thrill amusement park rides which is popular used in the large amusement parks, theme parks, funfairs and large squares. We manufactured large swing tower rides with different heights, especially 40 and 52 meters. Looking for thrill tower rides for your park? Choose Beston Rides!

Types of Vertical Swing Tower Rides

We manufactured large swing tower rides with 32 seats and 36 seats with different heights from 31 meters, 42 meters, 43 meters to 55 meters and 60 meters for customers to choose. They belong to small swing tower rides, medium swing tower rides and large swing tower rides. You can choose according to the actual situation of the project.

Small Swing Tower Rides

31 meters swing tower ride for sale from Beston Rides

31.8 Meters Swing Tower Ride

Running Height 17 m
Capacity 32 passengers
Voltage 380V
Power 67 KW
Area 22 m

Medium Swing Tower Rides

Swing tower ride for sale with 43 meters from Beston Rides

43.8 Meters Swing Tower Rides

Running Height 29 m
Capacity 32 passengers
Voltage 380V
Power 67 KW
Area 24 m

Large Swing Tower Rides

55 meters swing tower ride from Beston Rides

55.8 Meters Swing Tower Rides

Running Height 36.8 m
Capacity 36 passengers
Voltage 380V
Power 82 KW
Area 30 m

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Application of Beston Swing Tower Rides

Swing tower ride are typically used in theme parks, amusement parks, entertainment venues, and various special events and occasions. They are designed to provide a thrilling and exciting experience, attracting those seeking adventure and enjoyment of elevated landscapes. These devices are commonly installed in amusement parks, theme parks, city parks, and other recreational areas. Swing tower thrill ride, while offering entertainment and excitement, also add fun and uniqueness to different types of activities. Here are some common settings for the application of swing tower amusement rides:
Amusement Park

Amusement Parks

Theme Parks

Theme Parks



Suburban Park

Suburban Park

Scenic Spot

Scenic Spot

City Park

City Park

Children’s Park

Children’s Park

Leisure Resort

Leisure Resort

Working Videos of Swing Tower Ride

As night falls, the towering tower soaring in the sky stands out and exudes a sense of grandeur in the amusement park. The colorful lighting arrangements, as the passengers rotate and move, resemble dancing rainbows in the sky, creating a splendid and dazzling spectacle. Click to view the swing tower rides operation video.

36 Seats Swing Tower Rides
60 Meters High Swing Tower Ride
32 Seats Swing Tower Rides

Manufacturing Process of Beston Swing Tower Ride

The selection of materials is crucial for high-altitude flying amusement equipment. Our company produces such equipment using high-strength steel and advanced alloy materials to ensure a sturdy and corrosion-resistant structure. The production process includes advanced welding, heat treatment, and anti-corrosion coating to enhance safety and durability. We strictly adhere to quality control standards, ensuring that our products meet international safety regulations. We provide users with a safe and exhilarating high-altitude flying experience, making our large-scale thrilling amusement ride, besides the Ferris wheel, a distinctive park landmark.

Material selection for swing tower rides

Material Selection

The steel is sourced from a first-tier supplier, conforming to national standards. It exhibits excellent welding properties, good plasticity, and formability, ensuring durable safety and guaranteeing the quality of the equipment.

Manufacturing process of swing tower amusement ride


Produced by a leading manufacturer with years of experience in manufacturing this equipment, boasting over 90 cases both domestically and internationally. The abundant experience ensures both quality and on-time delivery.

Painting of swing tower ride


Subjected to 4-5 layers of fine painting with a smooth and glossy finish. Slow fading, with the painted surface maintaining its effect for at least 8 years, ensuring the equipment remains aesthetically pleasing.

Testing running of swing tower rides


After production, the equipment undergoes trial runs, including empty, partial, and full load tests to guarantee operational readiness.

Packing and shipping of swing tower ride


Standard export packaging ensures the safety of the equipment, minimizing unnecessary wear and tear during transportation, and ensuring the equipment arrives intact in the hands of the customer.

Swing tower rides customer feedback

Customer Operation

Upon successful installation, customers provide feedback on the equipment, noting its smooth operation and attractive lighting, which remains vibrant even at night, drawing in foot traffic.

Features of Beston Swing Tower Rides

Safety Assurance

Its lifting mechanism is driven by hydraulic cylinders combined with a pulley system, which provides more efficiency and safety compared to winches and traction devices used by other factory.

Innovative Design

Our swing tower ride for sale has a gorgeous and beautiful exterior. As passengers rotate and move, accompanied by colorful lights, it resembles dancing rainbows in the sky, creating a stunning and captivating sight.

Quality Guarantee

Beston Rides strictly control material selection of the swing tower, using national standard steel, and the hydraulic cylinder seals are sourced from the Japanese brand NOK, ensuring enhanced durability and safety.

Convenient Operation

The entire system is controlled by a PLC, enabling one-touch startup. Once the power goes out, the rotating platform will only stop at a mid-air position and not descend. Manual control electromagnetic valves allow for a gradual descent.


The swing tower ride can operate in environments with temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Celsius, making it suitable for extremely cold regions such as Russia, by using winter-grade hydraulic oil.

Attention to Detail

The hydraulic oil used does not require replacement. It is filled to capacity before leaving the factory, eliminating the need for oil changes and only requiring periodic top-ups to maintain a certain level.

Swing Tower Rides Successful Cases In the World

Swing tower ride is one of the most popular and interesting tower ride in the amusement park. Due to its variety of models, the swing tower ride is welcomed by most of the medium and large amusement park project owners. It is another landmark ride after roller coaster and ferris wheel ride, here show you some cases about this ride:

Top 3 Selling Point of Swing Tower Amusement Rides

Hydraulic Advantage

If there is a power outage or an emergency and the passenger hangs in the air, the solenoid valve of the hydraulic system can be used to manually return the oil to slowly put the passenger down to the ground.

Safety Advantage

Triple protection, including waist safety belt, safety bar, and the function of the pressure bar is to press the legs, and the pressure bar and safety lock can be adjusted according to the size of the stomach.

Turntable Advantage

The first is the fixed and rotating parts of the paraglider, and it is also the last safety measure. There will be a device stuck on the anti-falling teeth of the column to prevent the turntable and passengers from falling from high altitude.

Cost of Swing Tower Ride

The cost of a swing tower ride can vary depending on several factors, including the materials, height, size, design, features, decorations and additional customizations. On average, a standard swing tower ride can cost anywhere from $200,000 to $800,000 or more. Smaller models or portable versions may have lower starting prices, while larger and more elaborate designs with advanced features can be more expensive. For detailed price of the swing tower ride, welcome to contact Beston Rides now!

Profit Analysis of Swing Tower Rides

(For reference only, specific analysis based on local conditions.)
Site TypeAmusement ParkSite Rent1400$/month
Cost of the Ride390000$
Site Area710
Maximum Capacity36Operating cost2800$/month(electricity,etc.)
Average passenger flow1500p/dayStaff salary1200$/month
Ticket Price(4$)
5 days on weekdays300 people × 4$ × 5 days = 6000$
Weekend 2days500 people x 4$ x 2 days = 4000$
Weekly profit6,000$+4,000$=10,000$
Monthly net profit10000$×4 weeks-1400$-2800$-1200$=34600$/month
Calculation of annual profit (effective operation for 9 months of the year)34,600$×9month=311,400$

Beston Rides – Swing Tower Rides Manufacturer

If you are looking for some large amusement park rides, come to Beston Amusement. We offer you 40 meter and 52 meter swing tower rides. If you are looking a swing tower rides but not with a height of 40 meter and 52 meter, come to Beston Amusement. We will offer you swing tower rides with different heights. If you are new to amusement rides industry and new to the large flying swing tower rides, come to Beston Amusement. We will offer you more information about the amusement rides and shipping and packing etc. Beston Rides, one of the largest amusement park rides manufacturer in China. Welcome to our factory to order new rides for your park!

Swing Tower Rides Manufacturer

Provide customers with one-stop indoor park solutions, including project design and planning, equipment production, delivery, localized installation, operation and after-sales, etc. Check the video to see more about our factory:

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Our Service for Ferris Wheel Rides


Our expert design team is proficient in crafting swing tower rides with distinct appearances, themes, vibrant colors, and unique cabin designs. Whether you have specific preferences in terms of size, theme, color scheme, or seating arrangements, we can customize swing tower to meet your individual requirements.

On-site Installation

When it comes to installation, we provide comprehensive support. Our package includes detailed instructions, instructional videos, manuals, and online guidance to facilitate a smooth installation process. Additionally, for certain regions, we have established overseas branches that can handle on-site installations. Should you require further assistance, our team can dispatch experienced engineers to ensure the proper setup of the swing tower rides.

After-sales Service

Our commitment extends beyond installation with a robust after-sales service. We offer a complimentary one-year warranty for the products you acquire. To guarantee seamless operation, we pledge to provide free spare parts and accessories throughout the warranty period. Our dedication to delivering satisfaction spans every stage of our interaction with you—from pre-sale consultations to the actual purchase, and through the post-sale period.


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