Tea Cup Rides for Sale

Tea cup rides for sale from Beston, one of the most popular rides that is suitable for amusement parks. It is a kind of rotating equipment which is suitable for children that aged 2-10 to ride and play. The tea cup ride from Beston Amusement is composed of exquisite glass fiber reinforced plastic and colorful lights. It has a novel and beautiful appearance. Want to purchase a new tea cup ride for your business? Send your inquiry to us now!

Beston Tea Cup Rides
BNTC-A Beston Tea Cup Rides
Kids Tea Cup Rides
BNTC-B Kids Tea Cup Rides
Tea Cup Rides from Beston
BNTC-F Tea Cup Rides

Different Types of Tea Cup Rides

When you need to buy new tea cup rides, you may want to know how many types of teacup rides in the market. Here in Beston Amusement, you can find 12 seat, 24 seat and 36 seat tea cup rides, you can find tea cup rides with different themes, such as bear cup rides and flower cup rides. Which types of tea cup rides are you looking for?  Do you know the classification of these coffee cup rides?

Tea Cup Rides for Sale
BNTC-E Tea Cup Rides
24 Seat Tea Cup Rides for Sale
BNTC-24N 24 Seat Tea Cup Rides
24 Seat Tea Cup Rides
BNTC-24M 24 Seat Tea Cup Rides
  • At present, there are various types of tea cup rides with different shapes on the market, which can be divided into different types: according to the number of cup seats: there are 4 cups, 5 cups, 6 cups and 9 cups coffee cups in Beston;
  • According to the transmission structure, there are direct motor drive teacups ride and tire force drive teacups rides;
  • According to the configuration level: there are simple coffee cup rides, ordinary coffee cups, luxury coffee cup rides;
  • According to fixed/mobile points: there are fixed coffee cups and mobile coffee cups;
  • According to the theme, there are ordinary models, bear cups, ocean-themed models, bee-shaped models, etc.

36 Seat Large Rotating Tea Cup Rides

Feel the thrill of spinning and experience a different kind of excitement, this is the spinning tea cup rides. The big plate revolves, the rotating cup rotates on its own, and the turntable is fast and slow according to the rhythm of the music, the rotation is intense and exciting, but also warm and romantic.

This type of tea cup ride is especially suitable for families or tourists of different ages. In the tea cup ride, parents take their children to ride this project, which can make the children happy, and can also shorten the relationship between parents and children. It is a very suitable for parents and children to play.

36 Seat Tea Cup Rides for Sale
36 Seat Tea Cup Rides
Beston Tea Cup Rides for Sale
BNTC-C Beston Tea Cup Rides
New Tea Cup Rides for Sale
BNTC-D New Tea Cup Rides

Rotating tea cup rides are now a popular children’s amusement equipment in various playgrounds and parks. After the blue and white rotating coffee cups are welcomed by customers, Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. has designed and produced pink rotating coffee cups. It is composed of bright colors such as orange and green. These are the colors that children like. They are very conspicuous in children’s playgrounds and parks.

Bee Tea Cup Rides

The Little Bee Rotary Cup, also known as the Bee Rotary, is a kind of kiddie rides imitating a coffee cup rotating type. The cockpit is made of high-quality fiberglass. Each flower room-shaped cup has two naughty and cute bees collecting honey. The overall shape With a fantastic cartoon effect, it is deeply loved by children.

Bee Tea Cup Rides
BNTC-M Bee Tea Cup Rides
Bee Tea Cup Rides
BNCC-12A Bee Tea Cup Rides
Bee and Flower Tea Cup Rides
BNCC-12B Bee and Flower Tea Cup Rides

Bear Tea Cup Rides

The Bear-Haunted Rotary Cup is a horizontal ground orbit-turned amusement device. It is a new type of amusement equipment. The first-generation product, Bear-Haunted Forest King, is modified and upgraded on the basis of Little Bee Paradise. It relies on Bee Paradise to mature However, it has changed the monotonous and boring impression of the bee paradise, which is in line with the development trend of amusement equipment in recent years.

The Bear-Haunted Forest King is a ride which is suitable for the whole family. When a family sits in the cockpit, it feels like being held in the arms of the two bears. When it is running, it will make children feel endless fun by rotating the cup and the big turntable with the sound of music.

Beston Bear Tea Cup Rides
BNTC-H Beston Bear Tea Cup Rides
Bear Tea Cup Rides
BNCC-24C Bear Tea Cup Rides
Bear Tea Cup Rides
BNTC-G Bear Tea Cup Rides

Working Principles of Beston Tea Cup Rides

Tea cup ride is mainly composed of a large turntable, a small turntable and a turntable. It allows you to rotate freely in the cup while listening to the beautiful music and revolving with the market, and feel the fun and excitement brought by the rotation. This tea cup amusement equipment is driven by the motor to drive the motor wheel to operate the equipment.

After the tea cup ride is powered on through the control cabinet, the motor starts to work, the motor shaft rotates, and after the speed is reduced by the reducer, the power is transmitted through the gear driven by the reducer and the gear of the slewing bearing, thereby driving the entire turntable to rotate 360 degrees around the central axis.

Each cockpit of the coffee cup ride from Beston Amusement rotates due to the rotating power of the turntable, centrifugal force, and the inertia formed by its own weight, and passengers can also change the direction and speed of a single cockpit through the handrail.

Videos of Tea Cup Rides In Beston Factory

Tea Cup Rides Features

  • High quality: excellent material selection, first-class craftsmanship which makes the service life of our tea cup rides as long as 8-10 years.
  • Easy to operate: the overall structure design is reasonable, the installation is simple, the control cabinet is controlled by the buttons, and the operation is convenient.
  • Many choices: cockpit types, theme styles can be choosen, color and lighting can also be customized.
  • Good safety performance: seat belts and protective chains are installed in the cockpit to ensure the safety of passengers.

Paraneters of Beston Tea Cup Rides

Name 24 Seat Tea Cup Rides
Voltage AC 380V/220V  50Hz
Power 3KW
Running Time 1~10min (adjustable)
Height 3.5m
Speed 5-8 r/min (adjustable)
Diameter Φ 6m
Passenger 24
Cover Area 7m *7m

More Info About Beston Tea Cup Rides

The revolving coffee cup is a gyro-type park amusement equipment, and it is also a popular family parent-child amusement equipment. Six teacup-shaped cockpits are evenly distributed on the turntable, with a beautifully shaped teapot in the center. When the equipment is running, the teacup rotates around the teapot, and then the teacup can rotate 360 ​​degrees freely.

Visitors sit in the cup and experience the fun of multiple compound rotations, which is suitable for families and tourists of different ages. The rotating cup cockpit and decorative parts of the product are made of glass material, which is exquisite and beautiful, which increases the fun of tourists.

Why Choose Tea Cup Rides from Beston?

Beston Amusement Equipment is a professional amusement park rides manufacturer and supplier in China. We do not only provide tea cup rides with different themes, we also sell bumper cars, ferris wheels, trackless train and other rides for amusement parks and funfairs. If you want to build a new tea cup ride for your park, welcome to contact Beston team for details now!


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