Thrill Rides for Sale

Thrill rides for sale from Beston Group, mainly refers to the large scale amusement equipment which is stimulating to people. Welcome to Beston thrill rides for sale online page. Here you will find different types of new thrill amusement rides which is suitable for amusement parks, funfairs and theme parks. When you opening a new park which is suitable for kids and adults at the same time, best quality thrill rides is necessary. In Beston Amusement, you will get roller coasters, pirate ship rides, disco rides, Space travel rides, pendulum rides, swing tower rides with reasonable factory price from our workshop.

Large Disco Rides for Sale
BNPD-23A Large Pendulum Rides for Sale

Model: BNPD-23A

Height: 19.6m
Running Height: 23m
Area: 14m×15m
Swing angle: 50°
Power: 82KW
Wave Degree: 360
Capacity: 23 persons

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Which Kinds of Thrill Amusement Rides We Produced?

As a large amusement park rides manufacturer in China, Beston has involved in amusement industry for more than 20 years. We try our best to manufacturing various kinds of rides for our customer. Here is our thrill rides lists:

Beston Disco Rides
BNT-01 Beston Disco Rides

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Beston Thrill Tagada Rides
BNT-02 Beston Thrill Tagada Rides

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Beston Thrill Roller Coaster
BNT-03 Beston Thrill Roller Coaster

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Beston Swing Tower Rides
BNT-04 Beston Swing Tower Rides

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  • Windmill Rides

Crazy windmill rides for sale in our factory has 6 arms, each of the arm has 5 seaters which means one set of windmill ride’s capacity is 30 passengers. We have many windmill models in our factory. The main difference is the color. Different colors of the ride could be custom before your order.

  • Tagada Rides

It is a large turntable, people in the ride could roll, rotate and do many kinds of movements. Tagada rides are made up of a large platform and two upstairs, one is the exit, and the other one is the entrance. Once passengers step in the tagada ride, they should sit or stand in the ride.

  • Pirate Ship Rides

Pirate ship rides is a types of popular amusement rides which is a little thrill than other small kiddie rides. It is made up of an open, seated gondola and several support pillars. Most of pirate ship rides are made according to the dragon. In our factory, we have 8, 12, 16, 24, 36 and 40 seats pirate ship rides for our customers to choose.

  • Disco Rides

This large equipment is made up of a large platform, a turntable, lifting device, hydraulic transmission device and the control system. It is a little thrill, but safe enough for passengers. Beston disco rides has 24 racing motor that could carrying 24 passengers at one time. These 24 motors are placed on a large platform and running in a track.

24 person disco rides for park
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New Pirate Ship Rides for Sale
Pirate ship amusement park rides for sale in Beston Amusement is a type of amusement ride which consisting of an ...
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  • Pendulum Rides

Pendulum Rides, also called Frisbee rides, comes in different sizes and shapes with 16, 24 and 40 seats. Extra decorations can be added if you need to decorate your pendulum rides. We provide colorful led lights and other decorations.


  • Roller Coaster Rides

As one of the most popular thrill rides in the amusement park. It consists of one long track and a car (train) that could contains 16-24 passengers. Length of the track could be customized. Also there are large and small roller coaster in our factory. Small roller coaster which contains dragon roller coaster, wild mouse roller coaster and green slide worm roller coaster for sale. Large roller coaster rides can be made with 3, 4, 5 and 6 rings.

Thrill Rides for Sale In Beston

Thrill rides for sale are popular among adults in the theme parks, they are suitable for some passengers who are thrill seekers or brave enough to have a ride. Beston thrill rides will give passengers the thrill feelings because of passengers could have a ride on these rides with fastest speed and most thrill feeling. When people ride on these thrill rides which made by Beston Amusement, they will never afraid of the quality. So if you need new thrill amusement equipment for your business, just contact us now by choose the rides you need.


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