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Trampoline Park for Sale

Explore an exciting business opportunity with our trampoline park for sale! Investing in a trampoline park comes with numerous advantages. This thriving entertainment venue appeals to a wide audience, attracting families and children alike. With its unique recreational experience, innovative gaming facilities, and a focus on safety, the trampoline park stands out as a preferred destination for family gatherings and birthday parties. Moreover, investors stand to benefit from the continuous growth of the health and entertainment industry, ensuring substantial returns. Want get price on trampoline park equipment or want to get whole project solution about the trampoline park? Contact us for details now!

Types of Trampoline Park Solutions from Beston Rides

As a popular indoor sports activity, trampoline parks come in a variety of types, often composed of different trampoline areas. However, they can be broadly categorized into two main types: standalone trampoline parks, consisting of various trampoline zones, and comprehensive indoor parks that combine trampolines with inflatable play structures, such as bounce houses or inflatable castles. These two types of indoor parks have distinct orientations and cater to different audiences. Clients can make a decision on which type of trampoline park to invest in based on factors such as available space, budget, preliminary research, and market positioning.

Single Trampoline Park

Single Trampoline Park Equipment for Sale

Trampoline Park Equipment for Sale

A single trampoline park is a specialized indoor recreational facility that revolves around the use of trampolines. It features a variety of trampoline areas designed to provide a thrilling and dynamic experience for visitors. These may include traditional spring trampolines, wall trampolines, and foam pits for added safety. The focus is primarily on trampoline-related activities, offering diverse options for jumpers of different ages and skill levels.

Comprehensive Trampoline Park

Comprehensive trampoline park with indoor soft play area

Comprehensive Trampoline Park
With Indoor Soft Play Area

A comprehensive trampoline park with an indoor soft play area combines the excitement of trampolines with the imaginative and safe environment of inflatable play structures. In addition to trampoline zones, this type of park features a designated soft play area that typically includes bounce houses, inflatable slides, and other inflatable structures suitable for younger children.

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Application Places of Trampoline Park Playground

Investing in a trampoline park is a promising venture, and the choice of location plays a pivotal role in its success. Optimal locations for trampoline parks are vibrant urban or suburban areas with a high population density and a mix of families, young adults, and children. Proximity to schools, shopping centers, and recreational areas can enhance accessibility and visibility. Additionally, areas with limited competition from similar entertainment venues can provide a strategic advantage. Consideration of local zoning regulations and safety standards is crucial. Ultimately, a strategically chosen location ensures a steady flow of diverse clientele, maximizing the trampoline park’s appeal and profitability.

Shopping Mall
Shopping centers

Shopping Mall

Business centre
High-end business center

Business Center

Residential area
Residential places

Residential Area

Videos of Trampoline Park Equipment

Welcome to our Trampoline Park Equipment Video Showcase! Immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of trampoline park entrepreneurship. Explore dynamic videos showcasing various trampoline zones, innovative activities, and the vibrant atmosphere that defines our business. This part, we will show you operation videos of our trampoline park customer and different trampoline areas of the trampoline park.

Large Indoor Playground Design
Indoor Playground In Vietnam
Indoor Playground In Kuwait

6 Popular Trampoline Areas for Trampoline Park Business

Trampoline Park Project offers dozens of amusement options for visitors, mainly include: free trampoline area, flip area, slam dunk area, sponge pool area, PE climbing area, fighting stick area, dodgeball area, professional trampoline area, bumper ball area, spider wall area. , Ninja Road area, allowing them to freely customize their experience based on project specifics or site conditions. Alternatively, we can provide tailored combinations based on customer preferences and site characteristics. Here are six common amusement options. Feel free to send us an inquiry for more details and project quotes.

Professional Trampoline Area for Trampoline Park Business

Professional Trampoline Area

This zone features a soft wall, often used in conjunction with a professional trampoline. Jumpers free-fall from a four to five-meter-high wall, execute mid-air flips, utilizing the powerful rebound force for a continuous series of acrobatic movements. With higher elasticity and increased bounce height, this area is designed for more exhilarating and extended airborne experiences, offering customers a thrilling upgrade from regular trampoline activities.

Sports Field Area in the Trampoline Park

Sports Field Area

Constructed with Oxford trampoline material on specially designed cushions, the sports field area includes custom-made soccer, badminton, volleyball, and other sports courts. Customers can effortlessly accomplish movements that might be challenging on standard surfaces, enhancing their sense of achievement.

Foam Pit Area for Indoor Trampoline Park

Foam Pit Area

Equipped with a fully padded foam pit, this area allows customers to leap, spin, and dive into the pit, providing an exciting and safe experience. Ideal for both children and adults, the foam pit area ensures a joyous playtime while ensuring safety.

Free Bounce Zone in the Trampoline Park

Free Bounce Zone

Designed for beginners and children, this area provides a platform to master basic trampoline skills and serves as a warm-up zone. With universal appeal across age groups, it allows players to explore various entertaining bounce movements. Once proficient here, visitors can progress to more advanced sections.

Kids Slides Area in the Trampoline Park

Slide Area

Featuring large slides, devil slides, and wave slides, this area accommodates both children and adults. Climbing to access the slides builds children’s confidence and determination, fostering a brave spirit. The variety of slides adds an enticing element for kids.

Spider Wall Area in the Trampoline Park

Spider Wall Area

The Spider Wall is an interactive attraction where visitors, wearing specific attire, jump on a professional trampoline, leap onto a soft wall, and stick to the surface before slowly descending. Inspired by superhero antics, the Spider Wall delivers an exciting and thrilling experience akin to scenes from blockbuster films.

Advantages of Beston Trampoline Park for Sale

Beston Rides is a well-known manufacturer of amusement park equipment, including trampoline park equipment. Before making a purchase, it’s advisable to directly contact Beston Rides to inquire about the specific features, safety certifications, warranty, and any other relevant details associated with our trampoline park equipment. Here are some potential advantages associated with Beston trampoline park equipment:

Advanced Equipment

Our equipment is globally advanced, ensuring quality and constructed entirely from eco-friendly materials to guarantee safety and health.

Diverse Gameplay

With a variety of activities such as slam dunking, foam pit jumping, and trampolining, our park offers a rich array of options for sports, weight loss, fitness, and high playability.

High Safety Factor

Our equipment boasts high safety levels, capable of absorbing approximately 80% of rebound impact, reducing pressure on bones and joints.

Wide Age Adaptability

Suitable for ages 3-35, our trampoline park caters to a broad range, providing enjoyment for both adults and children alike.

Ease of Installation

Beston equipment designed with ease of installation in mind, facilitating a smoother setup process for trampoline park operators.

Customization Options

Beston offer customization options, allowing trampoline park owners to tailor the equipment to specific needs, space constraints, and target audience preferences.

Successful Installation Case of Beston Trampoline Park

Explore the success story of Beston Trampoline Park through our installation case. Witness the seamless integration of advanced equipment, innovative designs, and high safety standards. Our trampoline parks provide a thrilling and secure environment, offering a blueprint for a successful and enjoyable recreational destination. Here is a part of Beston installation cases:

3 Reasons to Invest In Trampoline Park Business

Investing in a trampoline park business can be a lucrative venture, allows you to tap into a dynamic market, offering a blend of recreation and fitness that resonates with a wide audience. Here are three compelling reasons to consider:

Growing Popularity

Trampoline parks have experienced a surge in popularity due to their appeal across diverse demographics. Families, fitness enthusiasts, and individuals seeking active entertainment contribute to a broad customer base, ensuring sustained interest and patronage.

Versatile Revenue Streams

Trampoline parks offer multiple revenue streams beyond general admissions. Additional services like birthday parties, fitness classes, special events, and concession sales provide diverse income sources. This versatility contributes to the financial stability of the business.

Year-Round Appeal

Trampoline parks operate indoors, making them immune to weather fluctuations, makes them suitable for year-round enjoyment. This consistent appeal ensures a steady flow of customers, creating a sustainable business model irrespective of seasonal changes.

Cost of Trampoline Park Equipment

The trampoline park equipment and facilities of the trampoline park are all account for a large proportion of the total investment. The planned functional items are different, and the amount of funds required to invest is also different. In addition, the trampoline equipment also includes steel frame structure, kneading surface, spring, soft bag, aisle fence, etc. The price is about 500 yuan / square meter. If you want the project to be rich, the playability is strong, according to the selected The overall average price of the project and design plan is 600-800 yuan per square meter. In short, the price of the trampoline park equipment is related to the design plan, function items and product quality.

Park Operating Budget Analysis Form (for reference only)
Project Name1276㎡ Ocean Themed Indoor Playground Equipment for Saudi Arabia
This is a new indoor project with 1276 square meters that is installed in Saudi Arabia. The total style of this indoor playground is ocean theme.
Charging ModelSingle chargeExpected Operating Life3
Project Overview
*Basic data needs to be filled in according to site conditions and design plan
Site OverviewSite Area
Venue rental
Effective operation throughout the year (days)Average daily operating hours
average fare
Facility OverviewFacility capacity
Maximum capacity
Average play time
total power consumption
electricity bill
Passenger flow analysisweekday traffic
weekends day traffic
Average daily passenger flow
number of employees
average salary
operating costTotal investment in equipment
payroll expenses
Electricity expenses
publicity expenses
Decoration cost
Total project revenue964285.71total
fixed cost
operating cost
Theoretical limit value
*For reference only, no calculation basis
Maximum passenger capacity during peak hours
3402.67Maximum single-day revenue (yuan)51040
Revenue AnalysisAverage monthly net income67246.03Average annual
net income
806952.38Expected return
time (month)
First year
net income

Why Choose Beston Rides

Beston Amusement is a leading amusement park equipment manufacturer and supplier that is specializes in the operation of trampoline parks, amusement parks and indoor playground equipment. Our products can be used for kindergartens, schools, playgrounds, amusement parks, communities and other places. Beston trampoline park equipment can be customized with different sizes and shapes according to your requirement. If you want to design and install a new trampoline park paradise for your place. Welcome to contact Beston Amusement for details!

Indood trampoline park business

Beston Rides provide customers one-stop indoor trampoline park solution, including trampoline park project design and planning, amusement equipment production, equipment delivery, localized installation service, operation and after-sales, etc. Welcome to check the video to see more about our factory:

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One-stop Solution for Trampoline Park Business

Designer Team for Indoor Playground


A professional design team is at your service, providing site measurements and design drawings, including 2D and 3D project design videos.

On-site Installation Team


Our experienced installation team excels in welding, cutting, and other technical skills, ensuring localized installation services for our customers.

After-sales team


A dedicated after-sales team is committed to providing prompt post-installation services, offering professional guidance online or offline as needed.

FAQs for Indoor Trampoline Park Business

Can you customize trampoline park designs based on our specific needs?

Absolutely. We understand that each client may have unique preferences and space considerations. We offer customization options to tailor trampoline park designs to your specific requirements, ensuring a one-of-a-kind attraction.

What materials do you use in manufacturing trampolines and related equipment?

We use durable and high-quality materials for trampolines, frames, padding, and other components. These materials are chosen for their longevity, safety, and compliance with industry standards.

How long does it take to install an indoor trampoline park?

The installation timeline can vary based on the size and complexity of the project. Our team will provide a detailed project timeline during the planning phase, taking into account factors such as customization and site-specific considerations.

Do you provide maintenance services for trampoline parks?

While our trampoline park designs are built to last, we recommend regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and safety. We can provide maintenance guidelines and may offer maintenance services as part of our post-installation support.

Can you assist with the planning and layout of the trampoline park space?

Absolutely. Our team includes experienced designers who can assist in planning the layout of your trampoline park to maximize space utilization and create an engaging and functional environment.


Planing to invest in trampoline park business in the shopping mall or shop lot? Welcome to contact Beston Rides to get one-stop project solutions right now!

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