Trampoline Park for Sale

The trampoline park for sale is a sport that combines sports and aesthetics. It is one of the most popular equipment which is suitable for kids and adults at the same time. In the past two years, the trampoline park paradise project has been more accepted by the market. Want to install the trampoline park equipment for your sites? Contact us for price now!

New Trampoline Park Equipment
BTP-01 New Trampoline Park Equipment

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    Large Trampoline Park Equipment for Sale
    BTP-02 Large Trampoline Park Equipment

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      Why Trampoline Park Equipment Become Popular?

      More and more countries advocates fitness for all people, jumping is human instinct, love jumping is born, and “jumps higher”. “It is the expectation and goal of mankind!” When jumping on a trampoline park equipment, due to the consumption of a lot of heat, the body is exercised while eliminating excess fat.

      Cost of Trampoline Park Equipment

      The trampoline park equipment and facilities of the trampoline park are all account for a large proportion of the total investment. The planned functional items are different, and the amount of funds required to invest is also different.

      Beston Trampoline Park Equipment
      BTP-03 Beston Trampoline Park Equipment

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        Kids Trampoline Park for Sale
        BTP-04 Kids Trampoline Park for Sale

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          The trampoline park projects you can choose mainly include: free trampoline area, flip area, slam dunk area, sponge pool area, PE climbing area, fighting stick area, dodgeball area, professional trampoline area, bumper ball area, spider wall area. , Ninja Road area, rolling area, labyrinth trampoline area, zip line area, dry snow slide, spider tower. devil’s slide, naughty castle, quality development, volcanic rock climbing, EPP building blocks, VR and other game project areas.

          In addition, the trampoline equipment also includes steel frame structure, kneading surface, spring, soft bag, aisle fence, etc. The price is about 500 yuan / square meter. If you want the project to be rich, the playability is strong, according to the selected The overall average price of the project and design plan is 600-800 yuan per square meter.

          Big Trampoline Park Equipment
          BTP-05 Big Trampoline Park Equipment

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            New Trampoline Park
            BTP-06 New Trampoline Park

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              In short, the price of the trampoline park equipment is related to the design plan, function items and product quality. After the site is determined, do not blindly purchase the equipment. Be sure to consider your actual needs and determine the design plan. In the comprehensive trampoline manufacturers on the market, choose a reliable one – trampoline park equipment manufacturer. Don’t ignore the high quality and the subsequent losses are not worth the loss.

              Why Choose Beston Trampoline Park Equipment

              Beston Amusement is a leading amusement park equipment manufacturer and supplier that is specializes in the operation of trampoline parks, amusement parks and indoor playground equipment. Our products can be used for kindergartens, schools, playgrounds, amusement parks, communities and other places.

              Our equipment are sold well in different countries, such as South Africa, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, India and etc. Beston trampoline park equipment can be customized with different sizes and shapes according to your requirement. If you want to design and install a new trampoline park paradise for your place. Welcome to contact Beston Amusement for details!

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