8 Seat Electric Sightseeing Train

8 seat electric sightseeing train, also called electric tourist cars, electric tourist train, is a kind of regional use electric car, which can be divided into tourist sightseeing car, residential train, electric classic trains, small golf cart. 8 seat electric sightseeing train is a kind of tourist train which is special designed for the tourist attractions, amusement parks, people’s park, community, school ( as a school bus). It is a kind of travel dedicated electric bus train which is friendly to the environment. It has 8 seat in total, but this is just one locomotive, customer who are interested in this type of train could add more locomotives.

8 Seat Electric Sightseeing Train for Sale
8 Seat Electric Sightseeing Train

Technical Parameters:

Model: BBS-8A
Size: 3800mm×1800mm×2050 mm
Wheelbase: 2780 mm
Power: 3kw
Total capacity: 8 persons
Climbing Degree: 25%
950 kg
Max Speed: 35km/h

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    Major Components for 8 Seat Sightseeing Train

    Electrical System

    Power system —– batteries and motors

    Control and auxiliary system—electronic control, accelerators, switches, wiring harness, chargers, etc.

    4 Systems of Chassis

    Transmission System clutch, gearbox, universal shaft device, drive axle in the main reducer, differential and axle,

    Driving System, used as the link and bearing, mainly including the frame, axles, wheels and suspension, and so on;

    Steering System including the steering wheel, steering and transmission rods and so on;

    Brake System used to control vehicle speed and parking. Including brakes and brake control devices.

    Body of the Train

    Used for transport passengers and drivers. Also can be used for transport goods. There are only 8 seats for this model train. It can be charged and also

    Features of Beston Electric Sightseeing Train

    • Beautiful design
    • Practical large space for passengers
    • Simple operation which is similar with the electric car
    • Energy saving and environmental protection
    • High security performance

    Application of Beston 8 Seat Sightseeing Trains

    Golf Course Amusement Park
    Funfairs Real estate
    Resort Airport
    Campus/School Public security and comprehensive management patrol
    Factory Large Port
    Large-scale exhibition reception Other large sites

    Drive Mode of the Electric Sightseeing Train

    Electric sightseeing train is a kind of battery-powered drive train. They do not discharge harmful gases which pollute the environmental. The only thing we need is to charge the batteries. When we use the battery, we should charge them according to the actual situation and make good use of the frequency. Only in this way, can be make good use of these electric tourist trains.

    As a professional amusement rides manufacturer, Beston produce different kinds of electric trains, we manufacturing trackless trains, electric trackless trains, electric track trains, small trains for parks and many other trackless and track trains. Welcome to our factory for more about the electric sightseeing trains! Or contact us now!


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