Miniature Ride on Trains for Sale

Looking to buy miniature ride on trains for sale from a reliable train rides manufacturer? Here Beston will show you two kinds of miniature ride on trackless trains and track trains which are suitable for backyard, garden, and other outdoor and indoor playground. Welcome to buy new miniature train ride for sale from Beston Group.

Miniature Harmony train for kids
‘Harmony“ Train

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     Mini Train for Sale
    BNMT-01 Mini Train
    Miniature Ride on Trains for Sale
    BNMT-01 Miniature Ride on Trains

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      We have three kinds of miniature train rides for kids with many colors. The “Harmony” Miniature Train Rides with track and trackless, the other mode is the mini vintage trackless train rides. All of these three model are similar with the ordinary trains which are widely used in the supermarket, playground, large squares and other places. But the difference is they are smaller than these trains, we often call them the smaller version train rides. Passengers will sitting on the train which is different from the large ordinary train rides. Relatively speaking, price of these miniature trains are cheaper than the large trains. They are new invest for supermarket and shopping malls.

      Miniature “Harmony” Train Rides

      Item The “Harmony” Miniature Train Rides
      Size L200cm *W60cm * H60cm/ Coach
      Weight of Locomotives 150kg
      Weight of Car 60kg
      Materials Metal chassis with fiberglass shell
      Load 500kg (2 car+2 locomotives)
      Voltage DC24V
      Motor 750W
      Battery 12V*75AH*2
      Speed 0-5km/h
      Working Time 7 hours
      Control Pedal accelerator
      Music MP3

      The miniature “Harmony” train is controlled by key, when you hold the key, you can drive it freely. There is an “urgent stop” button on the train, when you drive too fast or there is something on your way, you can press the button to stop the train immediately.

      The Miniature Vintage Train Rides

      Miniature Vintage Train for Kids

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        • The miniature vintage are made of quality fiberglass which is durable enough for passengers to ride in the supermarket and shopping center.
        • We add a quality steering wheel for each set of the train, and people could change the direction within 45 degree freely. But they should slow down and then change the direction.
        • There are many hand bar on the body of the train, passengers should hold them tightly. On the other hand, as the train is not too high, it is very safe for kids.
        • Our music box could be recording easily with many pieces of music.
        • We also add Led lights on the train, in the night, these lights will shinning and become more attractive to kids. A new and modern miniature ride on trains for businessmen which is cheap enough.
        • We have our own factory and many experienced workers, if you need, we will produce these train rides in 7 days and shipping them to your side quickly.

        Details of Mini Vintage Train for Kids

        Item Miniature Vintage Train for Kids
        Material Metal chassis with fiberglass shell
        Size 200*60*60 for each car/ 230*60*60 for each locomotive
        Weight 140kg( Locomotive), 60kg (Coach)
        Power 750W
        Load 500kg( 1 locomotive with 3 coaches)
        Voltage DC36V
        Speed 0-5km/h
        Working time Above 7 hours
        Type Vintage and trackless
        Battery 12V/75Ah *3
        Five Color Black/green/red, yellow/blue and mix color

        Beston, leading miniature train rides manufacturer who has exported many sets of miniature size trains to different countries. Size, colors of these miniature trains can be customized according to your requirement.

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