Kiddie Small Roller Coaster Ride for Sale
Small Roller Coaster Rides for Kids

Small Roller Coaster for Sale

Small roller coaster for sale is a compact amusement ride designed to provide an exhilarating experience within a limited space. These rides are diverse, catering to various audiences and settings, from family entertainment centers to portable carnival setups. With a limited budget, purchasing an amusement ride that provides a similar riding experience to a large roller coaster is feasible. Small roller coasters are particularly suitable for children, offering a thrilling yet safe ride. Moreover, these kiddie small roller coaster for sale are designed to accommodate parents accompanying their children, making them versatile for a wide range of family-oriented occasions. Want to get small roller coaster rides for your outdoor and indoor playground? Welcome to contact Beston Rides!

3 Types of Small Roller Coaster Rides from Beston

Beston Rides is a company that manufactures various types of amusement rides, including small roller coasters. These small roller coaster are popular used among kids and families. They are much attractive in the amusement parks because of its cute appearance. Here are some common types of small roller coaster rides that available in our factory:

Mini Shuttle Roller Coaster

Mini shuttle small roller coaster ride for kids

Mini Shuttle
Kiddie Roller Coaster Ride

The Mini Shuttle Roller Coaster is a compact yet exhilarating ride designed for amusement park enthusiasts seeking a thrilling experience in a smaller footprint. This coaster features a shuttle-style design, sending riders forwards and backward through twists, turns, and inversions. Its size makes it an ideal choice for parks with limited space, offering an adrenaline-packed adventure with all the excitement of a larger coaster.

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Dragon Roller Coaster

Red dragon kiddie roller coaster ride for sale

Small Roller Coaster Ride

The Dragon Roller Coaster combines the adrenaline rush of a classic coaster with the enchanting theme of mythical dragons. With its dragon-shaped cars and intricate theming, riders are immersed in a fantastical world as they navigate twists, turns, and drops. This coaster is not only a thrilling ride but also a visual spectacle, making it a favorite among those seeking both excitement and a captivating, immersive experience.

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Slide Worm Roller Coaster Ride

Green worm kiddie roller coaster ride for sale

Slide Worm
Kiddie Roller Coaster

The Slide Worm Roller Coaster Ride provides a whimsical and family-friendly adventure with its serpent-inspired design. As riders glide along the winding track, they experience gentle curves and undulating movements reminiscent of a playful worm or snake. This coaster is characterized by its charming theme, making it suitable for a wide range of ages. It offers a delightful and smooth ride, making it a perfect addition to amusement parks aiming to provide a more relaxed yet entertaining experience.

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Application of Small Kiddie Roller Coaster Ride

The small kiddie roller coaster ride finds application in various entertainment and recreational settings, catering specifically to younger riders, except the amusement parks, theme parks, also suitable for the carnivals, shopping malls, family fun centers, etc . Here are some common applications of Beston small roller coaster for sale:

Carousel ride for amusement park
Carousel for amusement parks

Amusement Park

Carousel ride for funfair
Carousel for funfairs


Carousel for theme parks
Carousel ride for theme parks

Theme Park

Working Videos of Small Roller Coaster Rides

Beston’s small roller coaster rides captivate riders with thrilling experiences in compact designs. These rides promise excitement for all ages, featuring twists, turns, and unique themes. Beston offers a variety of models, including the Mini Shuttle Roller Coaster, Dragon Roller Coaster, and Worm Roller Coaster Ride. For an immersive preview of the exhilarating rides, Beston provides engaging working videos showcasing the dynamic movements and enjoyment these compact roller coasters deliver.

Mini Shuttle Roller Coaster
Star Train Ride
Green Worm Roller Coaster

Materials Selection and Production Processfor Small Roller Coaster Rides

The materials chosen for small roller coaster for sale play a pivotal role in ensuring safety, longevity, and rider experience. Typically, steel is employed for track and support structures due to its robustness. Aluminum is favored for lightweight components, such as coaster cars. Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) offers versatility for creative designs. Engineered wood may be used for certain structural elements, and stainless steel ensures corrosion resistance in critical fasteners. Thoughtful material selection is essential to uphold the ride’s integrity and provide a secure and enjoyable experience for riders.

National standard steel for small roller coaster ride


The main pillars and framework of the small roller coaster are entirely constructed using seamless steel pipes made of standard national-grade steel.

cutting for small roller coaster ride


Cutting techniques exclusively employ CNC methods, primarily utilizing laser cutting to ensure precision in component fabrication.

Welding for small roller coaster


Welding techniques at crucial and load-bearing areas are executed by skilled welders, aiming to prevent welding flaws such as cracks and porosity.

Column welding for small roller coaster rides


All column sections undergo sealed welding to ensure protection against internal corrosion, thereby extending the equipment’s operational lifespan.

flaw detection for small roller coaster ride

Non-destructive Testing

Non-destructive testing is employed for critical weld seams and axle joints to promptly identify cracks or defects, ensuring seamless integrity at the welding points.

Fiberglass for small roller coaster


Fiberglass components are crafted using felt and platinum cloth, with the platinum cloth material being Grade 191A, known for its heightened toughness.

Features of Beston Small Roller Coaster Rides


Featuring winding tracks and intricately detailed animal shapes, the ride boasts an elegant and aesthetically pleasing appearance.


Equipped with secure handrails and seat belts, ensuring passengers remain safely within the ride.


The fiberglass body consists of three layers of resin and two layers of fabric, offering a smooth, durable surface with a vibrant paint finish. Customized designs are available.


Tailor the animal cabin colors, track hues, and logo signage to suit individual preferences.


Boasting a modest investment with high returns, a small footprint, broad appeal, and the capacity to attract large crowds.

Special Features

The lively and dynamic animal shapes add a unique charm, making it ideal for fostering family and couple bonding experiences.

Successful Installation Cases of Small Roller Coaster

Small roller coaster ride is one of the most popular amusement rides for kids in the amusement park. It is also hot-sale in our factory. Our smaller roller coaster ride with different models had been exported to many countries, such as Nigeria, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkey, etc. We accept customized order about the roller coaster ride according to the customer’s project. Here is our latest cases:

3 Tips for Choosing Small Roller Coaster Ride

Choosing the right small roller coaster ride for your amusement venue involves considering various factors to ensure it aligns with your audience, space, and budget. Here are three tips to guide you in making an informed decision:

Understand Your Target Audience

Consider the age group and preferences of your target audience. Small roller coasters are often designed for children, but some are suitable for family experiences. Ensure the ride’s intensity and theme match the expectations of your visitors.

Evaluate Space and Installation Requirements

Measure the available space in your amusement venue. Small roller coasters are designed to fit into compact areas, but it’s crucial to ensure that the ride’s layout complements your space without compromising safety.

Consider Customization Options

Evaluate the customization options available. Some roller coasters can be themed or customized with specific colors and features to match your venue’s aesthetic or branding.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy Small Roller Coaster

The cost of buying a small roller coaster for sale can vary widely depending on several factors. These factors include the size of the coaster, its design complexity, the materials used, whether it’s new or used, and the manufacturer or supplier. Additionally, factors such as customization, theming, and special features can impact the overall cost. If you want to know the price of kiddie roller coaster ride, welcome to contact Beston Rides, we will send quotation soon.

Profit Analysis - Small Roller Coaster
NameDragon Roller CoasterCost200200¥Years of operation8
Basic ParametersRated capacityPower(km/h)Cover Area(㎡)Running TimeAverage daily passengersEffective operating hours
2213.545010 hours110 person/day8h/ day
Operation overviewTicketNumber of operating days per yearVenue rentalElectricity billStaff Number
Average Wage
Monthly incomeYearly incomeElectricity bill (one year)Salary (per year)Maintenance costsOther cost
Revenue analysisMonthly net income34198¥Yearly net income410370¥Payback cycle1.97 month
Net Revenue of First Year

Small Roller Coaster Rides Manufacturer – Beston Rides

Beston Rides is a professional small roller coaster ride manufacturer and supplier in China. Beston Rides, a leading small roller coaster manufacturer in China, showcases robust factory capabilities and cutting-edge technology. Our diverse product line caters to various age groups, emphasizing safety and creative design. With a global footprint, Beston Rides boasts a portfolio of successful installations in theme parks and entertainment centers. Committed to excellence, we offer comprehensive services, from pre-sale consultations to reliable after-sales support, ensuring customers receive top-notch quality and innovative amusement solutions. Here is our feature service:

Kiddie Small Roller Coaster Ride for Sale

Check the video to see more about Beston Rides’ factory:

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Our Service for Small Roller Coaster Rides

Exterior Design

Our commitment to excellence extends to the meticulous design of exteriors for our rides. We prioritize aesthetics, incorporating creative elements to enhance the visual appeal of our attractions.

On-site Installation

In addition to detailed instructions, videos, manuals, and online guidance, we can also send professional engineers to assist with the installation process.

Comprehensive After-Sales Service

Our dedication to customer satisfaction extends beyond the point of sale. We offer a comprehensive after-sales service to address any inquiries, provide maintenance support, and ensure the continued optimal performance of our rides.

FAQs for Kiddie Small Roller Coaster

What are the key features of your small roller coaster ride?

Our small roller coaster ride is designed with a compact footprint, yet it delivers an exhilarating experience. Key features include a sturdy steel frame, smooth track design, comfortable seating, and a reliable restraint system.

What safety measures are integrated into your small roller coaster design?

Safety is our top priority. The roller coaster is equipped with state-of-the-art safety features, including secure restraint systems, emergency brakes, and regular maintenance protocols. Our design complies with industry safety standards and regulations.

What is the capacity of the small roller coaster in terms of riders per hour?

Safety is a top priority. We follow industry standards and regulations for amusement rides. Conduct regular inspections, maintenance, and safety checks to ensure the ride’s safety. In addition, safety features such as restraints and emergency stop systems are incorporated into the design.

Can the small roller coaster be customized to fit different themes or park aesthetics?

We understand the importance of theme integration for amusement parks. Our small roller coaster can be customized in terms of color schemes, theming elements, and even track layouts to suit the unique requirements and aesthetics of your park.

What is the maintenance schedule for the small roller coaster, and what kind of support do you provide?

Regular maintenance is crucial for the optimal performance and safety of the roller coaster. We provide a comprehensive maintenance schedule and guidelines. Additionally, our support team is available for technical assistance and troubleshooting. We also offer training programs for your maintenance staff.

Can your small roller coaster be installed both indoors and outdoors?

Yes, our small roller coaster is designed for versatility. Whether you prefer an indoor amusement space or an outdoor thrill ride, our design can be adapted to suit both environments. We provide guidance on the necessary considerations for each setting.


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