Material and Advantages of Beston Miami Rides

Miami ride is a new type of amusement equipment for reciprocating and rotating entertainment. It is also referred to as row and bench. It is an amusement device that can be played by adults and children. It combines lighting effects, sound effects, and background effects in one room. For outside amusement equipment, the entire movement is performed on a plane perpendicular to the ground. Passengers sit on the bench in a row and rotate back and forth with the music of miami rides. The rising and falling speed is very fast. It is very stimulating to feel the alternation of overweight and weightlessness. It feels carnival atmosphere in screaming, and it ’s completely physical freed!

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      Material and Advantages of Miami Rides

      The miami ride is composed of the main frame of the equipment, a dual-axis motor (15kw), two gearboxes, two pendulum pins, a glass fiber reinforced plastic cockpit, and a background wall with a light modeling effect.

      Main Frame Main frame made of 12 * 12, 5 thick square steels welded, 3.5 aluminum pattern plate for aluminum plate.
      Motor 15kw dual shaft motor
      Transmission Alloy gear transmission, more reliable performance and higher wear resistance
      Pendulum Welded with 12 thick steel plates and added weight
      Glass fiber reinforced plastic cockpit After multiple passes of polishing, car paint process。
      Background wall High-quality aluminum-plastic panel is cut, and lighting effects are added. The lights use RGB lights and make lighting shapes.

      Safety Measures About Miami Rides

      Beston miami rides seat using safety pressure bar and seat belt, safety pressure bar: fully automatic control of safety pressure bar, dedicated stainless steel buckle seat belt, one-button control of safety bar opening, one-button control of safety pressure The closing of the levers is no longer like pressing the three-dimensional space ring and the other levers used on other equipment, and then the equipment runs, saving the preparation time before operation, facilitating the operation of the amusement equipment administrator, and improving the equipment yield.

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