Material and Production Process for Carousel Ride

When choosing a carousel, both appearance and quality are crucial factors. A captivating appearance can attract more visitors, while good quality ensures a better riding experience, prolongs the equipment’s lifespan, and reduces maintenance costs. Therefore, strict control over material selection and production processes is essential to guarantee the equipment’s quality. Taking a carousel as an example, the main components of the equipment structure include the support frame, rotating transmission system, revolving frame, top decoration and canopy components, crankshaft assembly, ride components, suspension rod assembly, platform, and fence, among others. The following is a showcase of material selection and the production process for a carousel:

Steel Materials

Steel Materials for Carousel Ride
In the selection of steel materials, we adhere to the practice of purchasing all steel from well-known domestic brands. Following this, the steel undergoes polishing by experienced and professional workers, followed by rust-resistant spray-painting and a final coating. This process is designed to prevent corrosion and rust, ensuring the long-lasting aesthetic appeal of the equipment.


Chassis for carousel ride
The base of the carousel primarily utilizes patterned steel plates or embossed aluminium plates, with patterns designed to provide anti-slip effects for enhanced safety, particularly for children. Additionally, beneath the patterned plates, a layer of bamboo plywood is added to effectively reduce the operational noise generated by the carousel during rotation.


Eave for carousel amusement rides
Our eave structure is elegantly designed and can be customized with patterns according to customer requirements. The installation of the eave is done piece by piece, making transportation and installation convenient. The material used is fibreglass, and fibreglass is also used for the top ceiling, significantly enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the product.

Carousel Lights

Carousel Lights for carousel rides
The carousel’s lighting is sourced from Guangzhou LED lights, which provide a dazzling and impressive display. Even after three years of use, the brightness of the lights remains undiminished. The lights are 100% waterproof, eliminating concerns about damage due to rain or snow.

Fibreglass Horses

Fibreglass Horses for carousel ride
Professional fibreglass products and crafted by experienced artisans with many years of expertise, the average thickness ranges from 5 to 8mm, with a 10mm thickness in the bearing section that includes embedded steel components for added strength and longevity. A wide variety of horse shapes to choose.


Handrails for carousel rides
All handrails are made of stainless steel with patterns on the surface to provide anti-slip effects. The materials for the lantern bases include both metal and plastic. Metal lantern bases are attractive and durable, but they at a higher cost. The lower rotating components mainly use plastic lantern bases.

In summary, Beston Rides is dedicated to providing customers with high-quality carousels that have low maintenance costs, excellent safety performance, comfortable user experiences, long equipment lifespans, and a high return on investment. We continuously strive to introduce more diverse carousel designs to meet the evolving preferences of our customers. If you want to buy a carousel ride, we have more than 30 different types of carousel rides for sale. Welcome to contact Beston Rides for details!


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