How to Choose a Double Decker Carousel Ride?

For a medium and large amusement park project, usually, some medium and large amusement rides are needed. Such as roller coasters, ferris wheels, swing tower rides, swing rides, pendulum rides. Sometimes, a double-decker carousel is also needed for the project. Here, Beston Rides will show you how to choose a suitable double-decker carousel ride for the amusement park. Choosing a double-decker carousel ride involves considering several factors to ensure you make the right decision.
How to choose a double-decker carousel ride

Advice for Choosing Double Decker Carousel Ride

Space and Capacity

Assess the available space in your amusement park or venue. Double-decker carousels require more vertical space compared to traditional carousels. Consider the height and footprint of the ride. Additionally, determine the desired capacity in terms of the number of riders the carousel can accommodate. Beston Rides have 48 seaters, 60 seaters, 68 seaters and 88 seater double-decker carousel.

Theme Selection

You can decide on the theme and design of the carousel that aligns with your target audience and overall park atmosphere. Consider the colors, decorations, and visual appeal of the ride. It should be attractive and engaging to riders of all ages. Beston Rides have European style, ocean theme and classic theme two story carousel rides for customers to choose. We also accept customized order

Safety and Quality

When choosing, you should also prioritize the safety features and quality assurance of the double-decker carousel. Ensure that the double-decker carousel complies with international safety standards and regulations. Find double-decker carousel rides with a strong frame, reliable mechanisms and safety restraints for your park’s guests.

Variety and Ride Experience

In order to provide more interactive activities and attract more visitors, you should assess the ride experience and variety of features offered by the double-decker carousel. Look for rides with a diverse selection of animals or vehicles for riders. Consider additional features like LED lights, music, and interactive elements that enhance the overall experience.

Budge Range

Determine your budget for purchasing a double-decker carousel ride. Consider the initial investment, transportation costs, installation expenses, and any additional customization or optional features. Compare prices from different manufacturers or suppliers to find the best value for your budget before you decide to buy a carousel ride.

At last, a suitable double-decker carousel ride will bring more visitors to your park project. So when you want to buy a carousel ride or a double-decker carousel, you should consider all of these tips, or you can choose a trusty manufacturer to get some useful advice. Welcome to contact Beston Rides to get more advices and make your final decision.


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